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Monday, 11 February 2013

I wonder if it is time to start writing here again? Hmmm!

Thursday, 15 July 2010


I have now gathered a bunch of cool songs, 15-16 of them to be honest.
I also discovered a old, hidden treasure. This one song that has been with me since 97-98. You might actually have heard it before. If you are one of those people who liked a cool, young and furious new band from Gothenburg late nineties. Right there, right then..??

So see you soon again..

Friday, 9 July 2010

It has been a long, long time..

Sorry, for not being here at all for almost a month..I know it´s awful of me!!
I suck!!
I have been glued to the TV and my studio, working on my music. And i opened up my FB account as well. And that led to me being there instead...It is very easy to be addicted to that FB lifestyle...
Just remember... if the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off. 

So "Here we go again" like that old man from Great Britain once sang in a way over-glammed video..
I´ll try to keep it up.
I have been recording a couple of covers just to get into the fine art of singing, covers help me find what i can do and not do..yet!
So far, I did "Home" by Iggy Pop and "People Are Strange" by the Doors.
For "People" i was going for a little bit of "Gogol Bordello" thinking a heavy brass section and Gypsy guitars. The song has some kind of vibe that suits the "gypsy" approach.
And "Home" is just a great song by a great singer, produced by a great producer..In it´s original, that is..:)
I alo re-made a song that Kleerup and me have been working on. I made it a bit "The Raconteurs".

So I have recorded about 8-9 songs and still going strong.
Yesterday i started on a song that Timo Räisänen "gave" me.....?
the Silv

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

My eyes are now completely square shaped...

Too much football already?
But it keeps me away from the blog, and it keeps me away from all my guitars, making dinner, being outside, thinking of women, taking a shower, keeping in touch with friends who don´t give a rats ass about the game, cleaning the house, feeding the pets, turning of the coffey machine so its kind of burned real good, brushing my tooth! I am so glad i remembered to wipe my ass this morning though!
No, seriously I am actually all right! And so are the pets and the MoccaMaster.

But how about those Vuvuzela´s?
A 1 meter horn that actually need a bit of lung strength to make a sound. And lip strength as well.
But the worst thing about them part from the fact that they are louder than a rock concert, is that they sound so much that there is no way to hear evacuation announcements!
The BBC is now checking the possibility to give the people a vuv-free option.
But you can make music with them, check this. And do not have any beverage close to the computer!

Vuvuzela Orchestra plays Shosholoza from Pedro Espi-Sanchis on Vimeo.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Johnny Ekström

Football fever!!

When i was so much younger, my family spent the summers at a house by the lake, every summer!
The house next to ours belonged to The Ekströms.
Our parents was friends since forever and my older brother Peter is the same age as Johnny.
They started in IFK Göteborg together as youngsters and played together until my brother became to lazy.
But he could do almost anything with a ball. no matter if it is a tennis or football or whatever!
But Johnny became the fastest player Sweden ever had i think.
I remember when i did my first tunnel on him when i was around ten. Mostly luck but i still believe i had him real good that time!
Or not?
He had better times than most of the worlds elite sprinters and got the nick name: Il Ciclone.

this is from the net about one of our families closest old friend.

In Swedish...

Johnny Ekström, född 5 mars 1965, är en svensk tidigare fotbollsspelare.
Sina största fotbollsframgångar nådde han i IFK Göteborg. Johnny Ekström gick hela vägen från IFK Göteborgs pojklag hela vägen upp till A-laget. Under sin första tid i IFK:s A-lag var han tredjeval bakom Torbjörn Nilsson och Mats Gren. Efter att Mats Gren lämnat blev Ekström ordinarie bredvid den rutinerade Nilsson. Den största framgången kom 1986 då Ekström och IFK Göteborg nådde semifinal i dåvarande Europacupen för mästarlag, där IFK vann semifinalen med med 3-0 hemma mot FC Barcelona. Ekström passade fram till alla tre målen. IFK förlorade dock returen i Barcelona efter straffsparksläggning. Proffslivet följde när han gick till Serie A-nykomligen Empoli FC. Ekström spelade sedan i den tyska storklubben Bayern München där han blev tysk mästare 1989.
Han har också spelat för svenska landslaget och deltog i VM 1990 i Italien. Ekström var även med i EM-truppen 1992. Han gjorde ett klassiskt mål i VM-kvalet till VM 1990 borta mot Polen i Chorzow som tog Sverige till VM 1990. I VM-machen gjorde han det svenska målet mot Costa Rica, VM:s 1400:e mål.
Han kallades "Kallebäcksexpressen", "Il Ciclone" och "Johnny Bråttom" på grund av sin snabbhet. Ekström hade under 1980-talet bättre tider än flera svenska elitsprinters och detta blev hans signum under karriären.

George Best - The one who loved to live!

1969 i gave up sex and alcohol. It was the worst 20 minutes of my life!

He cant shoot with his left, no good on his head, a bit weak and he does not score many goals. Part from that he is alright. (on David Beckham)

I used to miss a lot.. Miss Canada, Miss Great Britain, Miss World...

I have stopped drinking..when i am sleeping.

(about Paul Gascognie) His shirt number is higher then his IQ. When i told him he asked -What is IQ?

-George Best